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Temporary increase in the tax burden in the Republic of Belarus for residents of "unfriendly" countries
The Republic of Belarus has temporarily introduced restrictive tax measures for residents from "unfriendly" countries, which provide an increase in the tax rate on dividend income.
SCHNEIDER GROUP Welcomes Clients to New Vilnius Office
Berlin, Germany – March 19, 2024 – SCHNEIDER GROUP Lithuania has officially moved into its new Vilnius office, marking a new chapter in its support for international investors in Lithuania.
Personal data: Top Five Internal Controls
SCHNEIDER GROUP experts established a five-step internal controls system for organizations handling personal data. This system empowers you to effectively manage data, secure information, train your workforce, and navigate the data security landscape with confidence.
Navigating the Russia-EU Business Challenges
During our webinar, SCHNEIDER GROUP will provide insights about the ever-changing regulations, financial interactions, and logistical complexities inherent in conducting business in the Russian market.
Banking Landscape in Russia: Adapting to Regulatory Shifts
Join us at our upcoming event, where SCHNEIDER GROUP experts will offer invaluable perspectives into the evolving banking landscape, discussing the potential impacts on banking operations amidst changing regulations and sharing examples of best practice.
Ban on foreign ERP in Russia: Migration to 1C
During our event, SCHNEIDER GROUP experts will talk about the legal and technical consequences of the ban, the experience of successful implementation of client projects on the transition to Russian software, as well as answer questions from participants.

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